#Having full control of both one off payments and subscription billing allows you to grow your business, whilst recurring payments are collected automatically Chargehive handles every payment type, from subscription billing cycles to one-off payments. With additional tools such as fraud detection, invoicing and product management Chargehive gives you everything you need all from a single powerful platform.

Getting a high success rate for one time purchases

Chargehive supports both subscription payments and one time purchases. With new regluations constantly coming in to force across the world one time purchases have become very complicated, with requirements to ensure the card data is secure even if it isn't being stored, and handling Secure Customer Authentication checks correctly to ensure the payment succeeds.

Chargehive tokenizes the card immediately so it is secure and automatically presents the Chargehive Checkout form with the Secure Customer Authentication fields needed for the challenge allowing seamless straight forward processes for One Time purchases.

A complete product and price library

By building a full library of your Products and Prices for use in the Chargehive Checkout making the customer payment flow intuitive and automated.

You can define the every element of the products from the Display Name to the Price. With term configuration options of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 6 monthly, Annual and Custom, you can set prices for every configuration of your Product Terms, allowing you to easily sell your Products and Services with the correct renewal schedule automatically defined.

Tax Configuration

Some products and services require Tax, others are exempt and this can depend on the service type and the location of the customer.

In Chargehive you can set the product type from a list of services, and based on the customer's location any tax amount will be applied to the price selected. This works for both tax inclusive and tax exclusive prices ensuring you are always charging the correct tax amount, no matter where in the world you are selling.

Subscription Management

Running Subscription services is a great way to increase revenue in your business and to keep engagement high with your customers. But maintaining subscriptions comes with a whole range of challenges. From ensuring the subscription charges the correct amount on renewal, generating Invoices, marking the renewal as paid, to setting the subscription as suspended if the payment fails and ended after your set suspension period.

Chargehive makes all of this simple and automatic.

Your Products and Prices determine the Term your subscriptons, so Chargehive will automatically generate a renewal Invoice and attempt to collect the rewnewal amount on the Renewal Date of the Subscription.

If the payment is successful, the subscription is set to Active and will renew again. If the payment fails Chargehive will retry it, and based on your defined settings, automatically suspend and cancel the subscription when needed.You define you Suspension terms (days after a renewal payment fails before the

You can be confident that your subscriptions will just run every month, collecting payments and staying up to date.