Reduce card abandonment and with a seamless online payment experience

ChargeHive is the online flexible payment platform that handles every payment scenario, from subscriptions to single purchases, connecting your business to multiple payment gateways quickly and securely.

Designed to the latest PSD2 and 3D Secure 2 regulations, ChargeHive allows you to focus on growing your business knowing you are compliant to the latest regulations. 



Be ready for 3D Secure 2

Designed to create a better shopping experience and in turn, reducing fraud, 3D Secure 2 is new legislation coming into force across Europe. If you are selling to customers within the EU, you need to comply to the latest regulations on handling payments and card data.

By adding 3D Secure 2, your business can be confident of a secure checkout for your customers, whilst protecting your business against fraudulent transactions. You will also be meeting the latest PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements, so you can have peace of mind knowing you are meeting the latest legal directives.

We don’t think you should have to worry about meeting the latest payment regulations, so we built ChargeHive to support 3D Secure 2 authentication protocols. Everything you need to remain compliant, in one complete package.

Payment Gateway 

Integrate with ChargeHive once and get access to a large database of payment gateway solutions. 

From Stripe to BrainTree and Worldpay, ChargeHive allow you to accept payments across any gateway with any additional integration.

PCI Compliance with Tokenization

Ensure you are compliant with data security regulation PCI DSS using ChargeHive’s tokenization feature.

 Capture, store and protect sensitive customer data whilst remaining compliant by keeping card data off your servers. 

Smart Routing and 

Make smarter decisions and increase acceptance rates, using ChargeHive's intelligent routing system.

Direct transactions to the best payment provider depending on multiple factors such as currency, payment amount and calculated risk. 


High Risk Merchant Payments

Payment gateway providers can penalise your business for high numbers of chargebacks and fraudulent behaviour.

Industries such as online gaming, adult, insurance, multi-level marketing, telemarketing and gambling are often flagged up as high-risk by banks and payment gateways. High levels of chargebacks can result in your business being banned from payment gateways, making running your business incredibly difficult.  

Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming integrations. With ChargeHive you can route transactions through multiple payment gateways from one platform, reducing rejected transactions and customer wait times.

ChargeHive partners with leading fraud protection tools so you can crack down on fraudulent behaviour, reduce revenue loss and stay on top of the latest fraud patterns, giving you full peace of mind 

Accept Multiple Payment Methods

Reach a wider audience and scale your business quickly by accepting customer orders through multiple payment methods. 

Receive payments from credit and debit card, PayPal, direct debits, cryptocurrencies and more, instantly from anywhere in the world.

Multiple Payment 

Set the amount of time you want payments to retry through various payment gateways.

If a payment isn’t accepted the first time round, ChargeHive will continue to attempt the payment across multiple payment methods and cascading gateways. 

Remain on track, even during busy periods

During busy periods, you shouldn't suffer from low payment success rates. 

With ChargeHive you can route transactions through multiple payment gateways to reduce pressure on certain gateways and ensure your business never stops.  

One app, multiple payment services

Integrating multiple payment gateways can be a time consuming task, and without the technical capabilities it is difficult to create the correct infrastructure needed to manage and route payments across gateways. With ChargeHive, you open up a world of payment solutions in just a single integration.

Explore in-depth your entire payment activity and gain insights from cross-provider reports to spot areas of improvement and areas of growth. 

Support currencies from 
across the globe

Go multinational with a payment solution designed to scale with your business.

ChargeHive gives you the power to accept payments in over 100 currencies, allowing your business to scale internationally both quickly and securely. 

Manage subscriptions and 
recurring payments

Subscription companies accept hundreds if not thousands of  payments per week. 

Chargebacks and fraudulent behaviour are often high so you need a solution that can both reduce this behaviour and manage high numbers of transactions. 

Protect your growing online business

Reduce revenue loss and stay on top of the latest fraud patterns with the best fraud detection tools on the market. 

ChargeHive has partnered with the leading fraud protection tools, Maxmind and Cybersource, to provide ChargeHive users with complete data security and peace of mind. 

Join the ChargeHive Community

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By joining the ChargeHive community you’ll get access to the platform as it is released, as well as be being involved in shaping the product by providing valuable feedback to our team. 

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