Payments made easy

Taking Online Payments doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. With a single integration to Chargehive you can solve all the complications of taking payments, running subscriptions and handling refunds whilst staying fully PCI compliant and fully secure. Whether you are selling one off purchases, services or subscriptions, Chargehive provides an automated, compliant and secure solution. With Payments entirely handled, your time can be spent doing what you do best, growing your business.

Automatic intelligent Payment Flows

More than just another Payment Gateway, Chargehive is a full Payment Orchestration system, meaning we are Payment Processor agnostic so you can use any Payment Processor without lock in and use multiple Payment Processors with just a few clicks. Even with multiple Payment Processors setup, to get the best conversion of your payments you need to route each payment to the best suited Payment Processor which can be a very complex process to build and maintain. Payment Flows in Chargehive handles all of this complexity automatically. Using Automatic and Custom flows, a comprehensive set of rules determines where Chargehive routes each transaction, ensring they are attempted in the Payment Processor where they are most likely to succeed, reducing failed transaction fees, customer drop off and increasing your conversion rates.

All your payment infrastructure services in one easy integration

Chargehive is integrated with over 40 payment processors, fraud services, tax services and more. Having all of your payment service infrastructure in one integration gives you complete control and flexibility, without the stress of getting multiple services integrated. Need to add some new Fraud checking to manage your risk? With Charghive you just enable an already integrated fraud service and with no code changes, your transactions are checked by your preferred Fraud Service. Expanding to new regions or even going global becomes a much less complex task, simply enable a gateway for that region with a few clicks, and you can immediately offer the payment methods expected in that region, and process those payments seamlessly.

Dynamic and Customisable Checkout

Taking payments online starts with your Checkout, so it needs to have all the functionality you could require, and be straight forward for your Customers. Chargehive Checkout is a low code integration option allowing you to drop our Checkout code onto your Order Page, and we take care of the rest. With almost no code changes to your site you gain an accessible and responsive checkout, working well on desktops and mobile devices, which offers the payment methods your customer expects, whilst being secure and fully compliant by providing dynamic fields to handle 3D Secure 2.0 and other challenges from payment providers.

With one low code integration you get a Dynamic Checkout which will cover all your needs, and increase your conversions

Secure and fully Compliant

Taking payments online comes with a lot of compliance requirements to meet the standards governing online payments. If these standards are violated massive oppourtunities for fraud can occur, so you have a requirement to keep Card Data safe. Chargehive handles of these requirements and all of the risk for you, so you don't need to worry about meeting the guidance or adding security. With our innovative Tokenize system, your servers never get passed any card data, so you are never liable for Compliance. We take the card details in Chargehive Checkout, store them securely and provide a Token to process the payments. You never need to worry about your customers card data, as Chargehive will always maintain full compliance with PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

Transparent and detailed reporting

Analysis of how your transactions are being processed is hugely valuable. Being able to determine where your failures are occurring, what your greatest success rate is etc, allows you to make informed changes to optimise your payment solutions and increase conversion. Chargehive's clear and detailed reporting will show you exactly how transactions have processed, from detailing the fraud services, different payment providers through Payment Flows, including retry attempts through to payment method failovers.

With a clear and concise Dashboard giving you a high level overview of your Transactions, and full reporting offering customisable detailed breakdowns, you can quickly see exactly how your transactions are performing.

Single Integration (API)

Integrating with various payment providers, fraud services, tax calcuation services etc can be confusing, time consuming and fraught with conflicts and code issues. Chargehive removes all of this complication by offering a single API integration with your site. With this one integration, you get access to a huge number of payment providers, tax calculations, fraud services and more, all through one single connection. This lets you control how your entire Payment Services Infrastructure works, with minimal coding and integration.