Payments, as they should be

Working with multiple payment providers can be complicated and time consuming.

With ChargeHive you have the flexibility to quickly and efficiently integrate multiple payment methods and providers all from one platform. 



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Working with multiple payment providers

There are many benefits to working with multiple payment gateways and they also come with their own challenges when handled separately.

The need for more than one payment gateway is evident when your business expands to new geographic locations. Payment gateways have different abilities to process transactions quickly and successfully in various regions around the world.

Providing multiple payment options at checkout not only increases the chances of conversions, it improves the overall customer experience and individual has with your brand. A vital part of the customer journey is the payment process, and not supporting the demands of your market can result in declined transactions and long latency times.

How ChargeHive integrates with multiple payment providers

Typically, if businesses want to offer multWith ChargeHive, you can instantly connect to payment services across the world while remaining compliant to the latest PCI regulations. 

As you expand your business into new marketing and locations, you will need to offer more payment options to successfully accept transactions. Integrate once with ChargeHive and you can connect with payment services that support the currencies you need to take your business to the next level. 

How ChargeHive reduces decline and latency rates

By increasing the amount of gateways available to customers, payments can be routed to the right gateway that is best suited for their currency and amount. Different gateways provide support to a multitude of geographic locations. ChargeHive integrates with gateways that support over 100 currencies across the world, reducing the chances of decline rates.

Latency rate is the time required for a transaction to be completed. A high latency rate has a detrimental effect on the customer experience. Long waiting times cause frustration and increase cart abandonment rates. By opening up your number of gateway options, you reduce the chances long wait times by diverting traffic to the most appropriate gateway in seconds.

How ChargeHive ensures you are PCI Compliant

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) outlines the minimum standard that businesses should meet for data security. 

As an online seller, you handle card data, and therefore are required to meet the security standards set out in PCI DSS. PCI compliance needs to be ensured at each step, handling card data, storing card data and annual validation. 

To ensure our users are remaining in line with regulations, we tokenize every transaction that comes through from your customers. All payments are sent only to ChargeHive and tokenized multiple times within our processing vault. The payment details do not touch our customer's servers, ensuring they remain...

How ChargeHive ensures your business is compliant with the latest 3D Secure 2 regulations

Aiming to address the shortcomings over 3D Secure 1, a new card authentication method designed to meet the upcoming SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) requirements across Europe, know as 3D Secure 2.

By creating a less disruptive user experience, 3D Secure 2 will affect any business who sells online and you need to be compliant if you want to carry on selling.

At ChargeHive, we don’t think you should have to worry about payment regulation changes, so why not let us handle the legal requirements, and you focus on selling.