ChargeHive Payment Management and Routing -
How It Works

ChargeHive uses an intelligent and unique payment architecture to provide users with the payment experience they desire.

Using the latest innovative technology, ChargeHive provides a smarter way to manage and control your transactions. 





ChargeHive is free to use until 1st January 2020.

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Easily add any payment provider

Working with multiple payment gateways can be tricky, but to expand your business into new territories and markets, it is a necessity for your online business. Multiple integrations into your payment process can be technically and overwhelming for organisations without the resource and technical capabilities to manage them.

But it doesn’t need to be costly, complicated and time consuming.

ChargeHive provides a spare and easy way to manage multiple payment gateways. With just one simple integration, you can get access to a world of local and international payment providers, all without a single bit of extra code. 

Route payments to the best payment gateways

Your customers deserve the best experience possible during the checkout process. Slow confirmation and error pages are likely to lead to card abandonment, resulting in loss of revenue and negative brand reputation.

By using ChargeHive, you can route transactions to multiple payment gateways to deliver the best experience to your customers. Not all payment gateways are equal, some favour particular currencies, others are better structured to handle larger transactions. ChargeHive automatically routes transactions to the best providers, increasing payment acceptance rates and customer satisfaction.

Offer multiple payment methods

Different customers, from different markets, demand different payment methods. Whether they prefer paying through debit and credit cards, PayPal, direct debits or digital wallets, ChargeHive has you covered.

Reach a wider audience, boost conversions and provide a smoother customer experience by offering a range of payment options at checkout.

All card transactions processed through ChargeHive are fully compliant with the latest PCI and PSD2 regulations, giving you and your customers peace of mind that their details are protected. 

Review and analyse your transaction history

Growing revenue is vital to your business success. Measuring and increasing the success and return of investment from each transaction is your priority.

ChargeHive gives you the tools to optimise your performance and gain insights from real-time and detailed custom reporting.

Monitor your payments with a real-time dashboard, giving you access to the data you need to make key decisions. Highlight insights you need to monitor and action to ensure your continued business success.

Take a deeper look into your performance by creating detailed custom reports, breaking down by bank, region, payment amount and gateway. Search for specific payments and view cross-gateway reports to see which providers are performing the best and to improve your results. 

Test payment flows

To ensure a seamless purchase experience for your customers, new payment gateways should be tested before being made live.

ChargeHive provides a testing platform where your team can develop and test integrations in a safe environment, with extra flexibility to customise and test processes as in depth as you want.