ChargeHive supports High Risk Merchants, reducing your declined transactions and chargeback rates.



Payment not accepted through Stripe or WorldPay? No problem. 

With ChargeHive, you can route your payments through a series of gateways until the transaction is accepted, reducing your payment decline rates and increase customer satisfaction. 

Reduce chargebacks...

As a high-risk merchant, you are open to higher chargeback rates and this can cause problems with payment gateways. Force too many chargebacks through a single payment gateway and your account will be suspended, leaving you with no ways to accept payments. With ChargeHive, you can route payments based on risk of fraud (can you do so based on chargebacks made to a certain area, time of day etc.)

Increase conversion rates...

If one of your payment gateways was to suspend your account or even go down at any point, what would happen to your eagerly paying customers? Having more than one gateway in your payment process arsenal is an incredibly powerful position to be in. 

Typically, integrating more than one payment gateway requires multiple, technical integrations, managing these through separate applications. 

Today, all you need is one, simple integration to ChargeHive and you have instant access to a world of payment gateways. Never worry about losing customers to payment process issues again. 

Fight payment fraud...

ChargeHive has partnered with leading fraud detection tools Maxmind and Cybersource to provide our users with . complete payment security and peace of mind. Reduce revenue loss and detect detrimental fraud patterns to keep your business running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.